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13 June 2018

28 May 2018

How to speak Australian:   "I might get a coffee."  Translation:  "I am definitely getting a coffee."

25 May 2018

24 May 2018

my laptop died.  doesn't matter too much since the timelapses i have been shooting have been on the whole, fruitless.  the whole point is that you set it up, let it go, and impatiently wait for the expected result or even better, a surprise. when you finally get to the end and your little movie is lifeless or blurry or a nonentitity, it's deflating. surely paydirt is just around the bend.

11 May 2018

The ending of Doug Stanhope's memoir made me cry on the tram.

08 May 2018

roadblock after roadblock with the timelapses.  after effects broken, improbable lighting fiascos, simply nothing happening.  so frustrating you just have to laugh i guess.

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21 April 2018

final carter
(perfectionism is a bitch)

10 April 2018

House of the Devil - stylish, predictable but solid. its a recent horror movie that isnt total garbage so, pretty happy.

Eyes Without a Face - spooky images, but it was a bit of a slog to get through.

Pusher - Neat to see Refn's beginnings. A gripping crime movie with some quality 'holy shit' moments.  I need to see everything by the man who made Valhalla Rising, and this is part of that.

Fear X - I liked this a lot.  The pacing, the ambiguity.  John Tuturro is great.

Bag Boy Lover Boy - Excellent demented sicko pervert "comedy" movie.  What the hell is wrong with these people?  So gross, I loved it.  I kept thinking "Greasy Stranger + Neon Demon".  Heck yes.

22 March 2018

19 March 2018

Kings of Summer - Funny but I can see what they were going for and it fell pretty short overall for me. Maybe my teenage years are too far behind me to appreciate it. 
Ratcatcher - Realized I had seen it many years ago.  It was on the Bravo channel when it first started and was an arthouse channel.  Before the reality TV revolution
BUG - Ho lee shit. I was crawling up the walls by the end.  Magnificent movie.  The most horrified I have been by a movie in years. Amazing.
Killer Joe - Very very good. Great actually.  Totally gripped from the get go. I'd love to see the play.  Kermode scores another recommend point.
The Love Witch - It was ok.  Fun.  Some very spot on commentary on gender, I wish it was a little more overt with that part and I wish it had a little more fun with its genre. It was too slow for what it was.  Enjoyable and strange. 
Source Code - Watched it twice in a row. Cool concept, mind bending plot, very good performance by Jake Gillianhalser.  I understand Killer Joe going unnoticed since the premise is so fucking dark and morbid, but I dont know why this wasnt more popular. Still havent seen Mute.
Annihilation - Fan-fucking-tastic.  Garland is the man.  I will now go see anything he does.  I wish the CG was better but that is a minor criticism.  This is sci-fi done right. Awesome music, the ending is built up so much and the payoff fits the setup just perfectly.

16 March 2018

Being flabbergasted that I dont know the processing power of the computers I use at work is like being surprised that someone is unfamiliar with the cubic inchage of the engine of the bus they take to work.  Take a hike.

07 March 2018

Another killer weekend!

The Dance of Reality - I cant possibly admire or respect Jodorowsky any more but....  Maybe he'll make another great movie some day.  This one was not for me. 

The Devils - Movies this cinematic are rare.  I can see why people call it a masterpiece.  Some epically fucked up shit happening in this movie and it was all wonderful.  The hunchback nun was spooky as fuck and Oliver Reed is perfectly perfectly cast.  Cant think of more perfect example of casting. Maybe Ron Perlman as Hellboy is on the same level.   Badass movie.  #2 of the weekend.

Silent Running -  not good. not engaging.  Kermode is into it for the nostalgia.  A real slog to get through and I kept asking WTF is his plan? Has he no end game here? Comparing this to 2001 is just silly.  I liked the robots tho.

The Falling - turned it off. Bad music, bad acting.  Another YMS recommend down the shitter. 

The Strange Color of Your Body's Tears - This was great! I had no idea what the fuck was going on the whole time but I didnt really mind because it was so strange and unsettling and frenetic. 

Mulholland Drive - Ok, I hadnt seen it in over 10 years, maybe 15. And its absolutely fucking incredible.  The highlight of my 10 movie weekend.  Scary and sexy and totally draws you in to its bizarre universe. I was absolutely glued to the screen.  I want to watch it again already.

Cosmopolis - Any time youve got characters philosophizing out loud like this, I'm out.  Same reason I cant fucking stand most of Linklater's movies.  I like the vampire guy, its kind of a neat concept and I liked the ending but overall not engaging enough to win me over.

Crimson Peak - Beautiful.  Everything but the visuals is pretty by-the-numbers though.  A couple of creepy non-jumpscare moments, which were great, but at the end it just turns into an action flick boss fight.  Also, I'm surprised no one mentioned this  movie when The Last Jedi came out.  They totally stole the bloody snow from Crimson Peak.

Profondo Rosso -  Lots to like about it but I'm glad I was able to fast forward.  Lots and lots of slowly walking around dark buildings searching for shit.  Charming blood effects that were sometimes genuinely creepy, and I'm glad I watched it, but it was pretty hard work.

Una Mujer Fanastica - I liked it. A little disappointed that I didnt like it more.  It felt pretty ham fisted in parts.  The overall story was very well done and excellently performed, and I liked the music a  lot, I guess I was just expecting more.

02 March 2018

stayed home with a headache.  so i watched movies.

Adam and Paul - I like it when movies bounce between funny and sad.  When a character you hate makes you laugh, I like that shit.

Magical Girl - On the edge of my seat (I was actually lying in bed moaning) the whole movie.  So many turns and developments and mysteries.  Like JJ Abrams' mystery box but not pointless.  Best flick Ive seen in a while.

History of Violence - I feel a Cronenberg rabbit hole approaching.  There are lots I havent seen including his latest two, and I dig his movies. They all feel like they take place in an alternate dimension for some reason. The camera work is part of it.  Viggo is never un-amazing.

Magic - Anthony Hopkins and a ventriloquist dummy. Whats not to love.  Turned out to be a  surprisingly solid slasher with a couple of genuinely creepy scare moments.

22 February 2018


Brothers of the Head - somewhat enjoyable mockumentary. kinda slow. hard to pay attention to.  the music was simple and grating and i kinda liked it.

Sicario - The photography was my favorite part of this.  I liked it a lot but its my least favorite Villenuve movie and I really only watched it because of him.  Part two with a different director sounds like a terrible idea to me.   Villenuve ranking : Blade Runner, Enemy, Arrival, Incendies, Prisoners, Sicario.

The Red Turtle - A nice animated movie. It was nice.  For my tastes, I like the limits to be pushed and expectations to be twisted, but this was so straightforward and nice.  I feel like it was a bit of an opportunity lost but really it was fine.  Very pretty.

Love and Friendship - I like this shit.  It was kinda hard to follow in the beginning because I am a pea brain but I had my translator with me and once I figured out who was who this movie was a real hoot. I'll have to seek out more Jane Austen period bullshit like this because its just fuckin fun.

Frank - I really liked this.  The main character just fucks everything up and leaves. Although Victoria pointed out that without Gleeson, Frank may have never come out and stood on his own. I spose she's right.  Outsider artists have always been my jam and I read afterwards that Daniel Johnston was an inspiration for Fassbender which is tits.  The music is actually good and its the first time a movie has jerked my tears since, i think, Tangerine.  I want to watch it again.

Paterson (second viewing) - I love it more now. Such a wonderful depiction of the compulsion for creativity in supposedly non-creative people.  And the realistic yet unique couple dynamic.  A damn fine film.

Berserk - Joan Crawford is hurricane of ballsy bitchiness. A great exploitation flick, way better and more engaging than expected.  The most gripping tightrope walking scene in cinematic history!

The Congress - I turned it off.  Couldnt take the terrible terrible writing and awful child acting and home-made feeling. Couldnt take it.  It have me the heebies.   YMS took a bit of a hit there. How the fuck was this dogshit on his best of list?

Something extra spooky and deflating about being a California emigrant, sitting on a tram in Australia in 2018, reading a book written in 1965 that calls this song from 1937 prescient.  In California, the cost of living has always been a bitch.  Maybe we'll see an evacuation of the working class soon.  But from the sounds of things, the downward/upward spiral has been around for so long, expecting things to change may be a little silly.

05 February 2018

Watched Elijah Wood's Maniac, Nicolas Cage's Mom and Dad, and the true crime miniseries The Jinx.   Sourdough starter is looking healthy again.  Went to Lauren's birthday party and vietnamese dinner with Jesseca and Teejay which ended up going kinda late at Shanes house.   Gonna run home tonight and maybe start a new loaf of bread.

25 January 2018

dead of night - fun, freaky, cool premise.

fateful findings - even more unbelievably bad than i could have possibly imagined. fascinating.

free fire - entertaining.

tourist trap - predictable slasher with spooky visuals.

big sick - nice  little drama, unconventional story well acted and funny.

possession - horrifying and mesmerizing.  an incredible abstract journey.  i like mother! less having seen this.

silence - fell asleep.

chucky 2 - just as good as i remembered.  the puppet is amazing.

star trek discovery - holy shit here we go.  the series has finally won me over.