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12 January 2018

stranger than paradise was weird.  i liked it.  but its hard to explain why.   i think because i hated it in the beginning but by the end it won me over.  which makes me like it more than if i had just kinda liked it the same all the way through.  theyre not really actors, and there's no real art direction or style to the movie, but its still crafted in a way that the non-style is the style.   i could say the same about john waters i guess.  this movie was like a john waters movie if john waters was sane and poetic. 

the belko experiment was goofy and enjoyable.  its a dumb movie that makes you think, which....  is cool i guess.  reminded me of circle but it wasnt as good as circle.   acting was fine, no noticeable filmmaking direction, the main reason to watch it is for the first 75% when youre thinking about what youd do in the same situation.  i hope they make 4 more.

10 January 2018

the shape of water was great.  i was totally on board with humanlady/fishman love story.  guillermo is a visionary and I pretty much always love michael shannon.  the only negative thing i have to say is the black and white part was a little over the top and not quite gonzo creative as i think it could have been.  but thats very minor. 

odd thomas was ok.  i hated the tone of the movie.  the voiceover and the banter and the way characters talked was very off putting to me. victoria seemed to enjoy it more than me, and it won me over a little by the end but not enough to say i liked the movie.  if youre willing to forgive goofy dialogue and suspend disbelief a lot, the premise is fun and the pacing is engaging.

columbus was very good.  the characters were believable and sympathetic.  the story was sweet, the setting totally unique and interesting, there was nothing really wrong with the movie.  (besides the way the lead actress smoked cigarettes she really looked like a non-smoker and it was distracting to me.  which is kind of a dumb criticism but whatever. i noticed it.

watching movies is how i am spending my free time mostly so it goes here.  i want to start making things again but it doesnt seem to be happening yet.  im using my broken computer as one of many excuses.

08 January 2018

brigsby bear was a very nice movie. i was a little worried that it would try to bite off more than it could chew but it didnt.   a charming main character, that probably could have been better cast but he was fine, and a unique and interesting premise.  good stuff.

i, tonya was very good, almost excellent.  i watched it because margot robbie was supposed to be amazing in it and she was but the pacing and the editing and unique use of the mockumentary the format were also pretty great.

its the end of my vacation and i didnt do as much as i was hoping but im ok with that.  there was lots of being lazy.  but i never felt like i was wasting my time.   gippsland and boneo and the NGV were all great. now back to work.

02 January 2018

more disappointing movies.  call me by your name was fine, not amazing.  pretty boring, uninteresting movie where not much happens.  i dont understand all the praise its getting.

same with personal shopper.  kristen stewart is very good in it but overall its emotional beats fell flat and didnt really affect me.

the more i think about the last jedi, the less i like it. im not really looking forward to the next one anymore. nice to go to the cinemas around xmas time tho. we went to santa con right after and had a chill night of it.

killing of a sacred deer was very good. like a suspenseful nightmare. i liked the lobster but this was better i think.  so i watched dogtooth and enjoyed it as well.  that greek guy is a fucking madman and i love it.

14 December 2017

eildon weekend

Colossal had potential to be much better than it was.  I do tend to enjoy the (oddly common) sci-fi/rom-com genre. None of the characters were very likable, the villain seemed to be oddly unmotivated, and no one really behaved the way humans behave.   Neat concept tho. 

Train to Busan was fine.  It seems to be very overhyped.  Its a competently made, pretty average zombie movie, its not amazing.

07 December 2017

05 December 2017

The Stendhal Syndrome.  I dig a surreal thriller. I was expecting this movie to be more fun surreal and not rape surreal.  This one has some very full on moments.  Excellent portrayal of a protagonist going nuts and genuinely spooky imagery.   

02 December 2017

Since its been a constant belligerent downpour today I thought All Is Lost would be appropriate to watch.  It was very good but there wasnt really anything more to it than expected.  Solid movie, and for a movie with 15 seconds of dialogue its very impressive, but overall not amazing. 

Then I watched Good Time and it was a bad time.
I enjoyed Logan Lucky very much.  Every performer was fun to watch especially Adam Driver, and I usually dont like Channing Tatum but he fit very well here.  Quality heist flick.  I dont think of Sodoberg as a director with all that distinct of a style, but I do tend to enjoy his movies.

The Gorgon was excellent.  I think this may send me down a Peter Cushing rabbit hole. A rabbit hole that it goes wayyyy deep.

01 December 2017

pooh is in the moment.  simple but not stupid. his simplicity gives him wisdom and perspective. 

the uncarved block:  simplicity, unspoiled,  child-like potential. the unaltered spark within all conscious beings. pooh is pure openness.

owl's idea of wisdom is to collect facts. more facts more wisdom.  details.  makes sure to spell the name of the liferaft correctly before getting in.

to rabbit, being clever is the most important thing, so he'll rush to be first and make sure to be the one who has the right answer.

eeyore is superiority through cynical judgement.  winning by not playing the game and calling the game and those who play it stupid. 

tigger is hubris. not understanding ones limits.

piglet is selflessness to a fault. overly agreeable and neurotic.. 

30 November 2017


peter weller fights subterranian killer robots
interesting universe, some great visuals.   should have been better. 
I also made TINGA #3

mixed results

23 November 2017


that's a wrap

20 November 2017

15 November 2017

THE BURNING is a great example of how a movie can be totally by the numbers and still enjoyable. Competently shot, brilliant Tom Savini effects, appropriately cheesy performances. Totally decent textbook slasher flick.

 GERALD'S GAME was beyond great. The number one most genuine and sustained scream a movie has ever induced in me. Its disturbing, but not over the top indulgent or graphic. There's a gripping story and the unique way its told is fantastic. It goes totally off the rails at the end and it takes you with it. What a risky and difficult movie and they really pulled it off. I am telling everyone I know about this movie.

 SPIDER BABY was a great surprise. Quality schlock horror flick. Lon Chaney Jr really pours his heart into it. Fun fun movie.

11 November 2017

13 October 2017