29 October 2014

Moths on either side of a window can see each other but they may as well be on opposite sides of the world. It's basically insect skype.

22 October 2014

It just popped into my head that my first ever landlord would encourage me to call him "Trog", which was shot for Troglodyte. He lived in the basement.

25 September 2014

"care about other people's approval and you will only be their prisoner."

13 August 2014

04 August 2014

29 July 2014

The quitting time sky isn't pitch black anymore.

21 July 2014

15 July 2014

11 July 2014

20 June 2014

16 June 2014

12 June 2014

03 June 2014

29 May 2014

25 May 2014

23 May 2014

People with the disorder where they cant recognize faces would have a much more immersive experience while watching movies. You'd think. It's often bugged me when a part is played by some famous actor and you cant help but see the actor rather than the character.

21 May 2014

There is a huge intangible monster that only you can see attached to the back of your skull.

14 May 2014