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10 April 2019

09 April 2019

08 April 2019

05 April 2019

04 April 2019

03 April 2019

27 March 2019

'the most important thing is honesty.  if you can fake that, youve got it made.'

19 March 2019

17 March 2019

digital portrait painting
figure drawing
oil painting
film writing/storyboarding
sculpting with clay
papier mache
silicon moldmaking
timelapse photography
video editing
transcendental meditation
long distance biking
stop motion animation

ok this is fuckin stupid.

15 March 2019

180 thick silv 8
220 thin silv 5
250 black 8
650 wiggle silv 2
Thick sil 160 4
Sequin ailver 450 x2

06 March 2019

I just keep watching Waiting for Godot over and over. Its the deepest piece of art I can think of.
It seems like Derek Bailey is someone I should be into but man I find his stuff impenetrable.

28 February 2019

27 February 2019

26 February 2019

Tuesday to-dosday.
Run 14k to work.
Eat free burrito for lunch.
Ride home.
Measure head for cecile.
Send pics to ben and louie and jess.
Revisit bone box with intent of glitterfication.
Do laundry while watching krapps last tape.
Feel the deep strangeness and lonliness of being the only human living in my head that beckett inflicts.
Watch drag race with wife over dinner.
the opposite of art is habit

25 February 2019