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13 September 2023

cat's cradle

foam latex puppet journey begins.    purchased monster clay from up the road.  

sculpting this head is a roller coaster of 'oh shit it looks amazing' to 'this looks very janky what am i doing'

in other words, the sweet spot.


i have distracted myself from the big project with little projects.  so far i'm alright with that.  the pangs of fear that i havent started the big project yet subsided for a while because the little projects are fun and there are several of them to distract me.  


but now the fear pangs are coming back.  big project.   do it.  ren and stimpy documentary helped being the fear back.   fear is an excellent motivator.  mainly that i will get beat to the punch by a similar enough idea.  so.  to start. (i have done this before) what is needed to start....  character models. character designs.  this is the big hurdle that i havent gotten over yet.  whittle whittle whittle.

finished cat's cradle.  see the cat? see the cradle?  i had forgotten that the book ends with the main character killing himself while thumbing his nose at god.  it's officially my favorite book ever.

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