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06 April 2023

i wrote this and i think its pretty great


Hello all you Lionhearts and welcome to the Method One-On-One Table Tennis Tournament a.k.a.  MOOOTTT.

No Retreat, No Surrender.  We will find out who is the Best of the Best in this Bloodsport.  

There will be no Double Team this time, games will be 1v1 .  

Each game is played to 21.  
5 serves per side.  Must win by 2.  1 serve per side during DEUCE. 
Let me know if you have any questions about the rules.

Double Impact,  double elimination! 
You must lose twice to be eliminated. has been used for seeding to ensure randomness, there's Nowhere to Run.
A 14 team bracket requires that some of you Kickboxers play fewer games.  Luckily we have even numbers or it would be even clunkier.

The winner of each game moves on to the next round until they are defeated. 
Upon defeation, the loser goes to the losers bracket. 
The losers bracket is Sudden Death and if you lose, that's your Death Warrant.
Better luck next time.

Winner of winners bracket will be crowned Universal Soldier and guardian of the MOOOTTT Championship Trophy until the next challenge.  

Street Fighter.

Games will take place during lunch and friday beers.  For efficiency I must be a Timecop and insist you please arrive promptly for your given game time.

I will inform you of your upcoming game time and which Hard Target you will be facing that day via rocket chat each morning.  

The bracket will be posted friday morning for you to study.

Put up your Dux!

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