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26 September 2023

lessons from a reunion in brisbane

  • i got some important reminders.   live with intention.  choose your path and do what it takes to go down it.  keep your mouth shut with few exceptions:

    -to lift someone up 
    - to ask questions/learn
    -to move toward your path
  • comfort is seductive and should be enjoyed sparingly.  new people are full of opportunities - to learn, to propagate joy.  your intentions dictate your experience and, more often than not, the experience of others.
  • life drawing.  drawing.  stop motion.  film. movies. painting. oils.  portraits. animations. blender.  cameras. art.
  • looking at every day life through the lens of your craft.  get busy.   
  • *things that i tricked myself into seeing as obstacles were scoffed at. rightly.   being away from this influence for so long was bad for my brain.   online messages arent enough to shake me out of my natural tendency to indulge in a habit of limiting belief.

  • my recent re-route to simplify, to narrow my scope, focus, was reinforced. 

  • you choose what goes into your skull, not the algorithm.   lo-fi youtube mixes are fuckin fired forever. intention. 
  • break down the problem youre trying to solve into solvable bits.  
  • put on the skin of the person you want to be.  see the skin there.  its lying on the floor next to your bed.  its size and shape and color and smell and hairiness level are that of the person you want to be.  get out of bed and the first thing you do is put that skin on one leg at a time and zip it up and it covers you from head to toe.

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