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26 September 2023

lessons from a reunion in brisbane

  • i got some important reminders.   live with intention.  choose your path and do what it takes to go down it.  keep your mouth shut with few exceptions:

    -to lift someone up 
    - to ask questions/learn
    -to move toward your path
  • comfort is seductive and should be enjoyed sparingly.  new people are full of opportunities - to learn, to propagate joy.  your intentions dictate your experience and, more often than not, the experience of others.
  • life drawing.  drawing.  stop motion.  film. movies. painting. oils.  portraits. animations. blender.  cameras. art.
  • looking at every day life through the lens of your craft.  get busy.   
  • *things that i tricked myself into seeing as obstacles were scoffed at. rightly.   being away from this influence for so long was bad for my brain.   online messages arent enough to shake me out of my natural tendency to indulge in a habit of limiting belief.

  • my recent re-route to simplify, to narrow my scope, focus, was reinforced. 

  • you choose what goes into your skull, not the algorithm.   lo-fi youtube mixes are fuckin fired forever. intention. 
  • break down the problem youre trying to solve into solvable bits.  
  • put on the skin of the person you want to be.  see the skin there.  its lying on the floor next to your bed.  its size and shape and color and smell and hairiness level are that of the person you want to be.  get out of bed and the first thing you do is put that skin on one leg at a time and zip it up and it covers you from head to toe.

21 September 2023

I swear i watched the entirety of Adventure Time 3 years ago.  I remember absolutely none of it.  Besides "Ro-Ro-Romance" and" I'm Scoopin what yer Poopin". 

I never understood how David Bowie could black out an entire decade until now.

15 September 2023

man.   i really was in the zone when i painted this.   it was about two months in early 2020.  monkey mind was quiet and I just worked with purpose and focus.



13 September 2023

cat's cradle

foam latex puppet journey begins.    purchased monster clay from up the road.  

sculpting this head is a roller coaster of 'oh shit it looks amazing' to 'this looks very janky what am i doing'

in other words, the sweet spot.


i have distracted myself from the big project with little projects.  so far i'm alright with that.  the pangs of fear that i havent started the big project yet subsided for a while because the little projects are fun and there are several of them to distract me.  


but now the fear pangs are coming back.  big project.   do it.  ren and stimpy documentary helped being the fear back.   fear is an excellent motivator.  mainly that i will get beat to the punch by a similar enough idea.  so.  to start. (i have done this before) what is needed to start....  character models. character designs.  this is the big hurdle that i havent gotten over yet.  whittle whittle whittle.

finished cat's cradle.  see the cat? see the cradle?  i had forgotten that the book ends with the main character killing himself while thumbing his nose at god.  it's officially my favorite book ever.

03 September 2023

 cinema is the art of reality, the medium in which reality’s beauty is captured, where you can film marble or a face, or record someone’s voice, a sunset, the innate beauty of what you’re contemplating. Tarkovsky achieved this.

20 July 2023

 the ways in which a story germ uses the soil of experience are extremely complex

21 June 2023

15 June 2023


 Time is elastic.   Passion expands it, inspiration contracts it, and habit fills up the rest. 

Taking a meeting with yourself should be taken as or more seriously than meetings with others.

We live not alone, but chained to a creature of a different kingdom, worlds apart, who has no knowledge of us and by whom it is impossible t make ourselves understood:  our body. 


 (i'm getting pretty distracted by how wealthy the narrator is in swann's way.  the whole thing is that he's  relishing and appreciating every little detail of his life and taking time to notice and observe all the 'little' things.  but the little things are weekends at the country house and picnics catered by servants and social gatherings with all of Combrays' most high falootin' influential people.   like.   hopefully anyone in your tremendously privileged position would appreciate all the immense luxuries of daily life.  long book.)  

19 May 2023


06 April 2023


i wrote this and i think its pretty great


Hello all you Lionhearts and welcome to the Method One-On-One Table Tennis Tournament a.k.a.  MOOOTTT.

No Retreat, No Surrender.  We will find out who is the Best of the Best in this Bloodsport.  

There will be no Double Team this time, games will be 1v1 .  

Each game is played to 21.  
5 serves per side.  Must win by 2.  1 serve per side during DEUCE. 
Let me know if you have any questions about the rules.

Double Impact,  double elimination! 
You must lose twice to be eliminated. has been used for seeding to ensure randomness, there's Nowhere to Run.
A 14 team bracket requires that some of you Kickboxers play fewer games.  Luckily we have even numbers or it would be even clunkier.

The winner of each game moves on to the next round until they are defeated. 
Upon defeation, the loser goes to the losers bracket. 
The losers bracket is Sudden Death and if you lose, that's your Death Warrant.
Better luck next time.

Winner of winners bracket will be crowned Universal Soldier and guardian of the MOOOTTT Championship Trophy until the next challenge.  

Street Fighter.

Games will take place during lunch and friday beers.  For efficiency I must be a Timecop and insist you please arrive promptly for your given game time.

I will inform you of your upcoming game time and which Hard Target you will be facing that day via rocket chat each morning.  

The bracket will be posted friday morning for you to study.

Put up your Dux!

02 April 2023

14 December 2022



26 November 2022


22 September 2022

 its a chillout day!   

so I'm rendering the third version of tomtom's logo animation in blender.  and i made another papier mache skull while doing laundry.  i finished watercoloring a figure sketch i drunkenly sketched last night and i scanned it into the computer machine.  i made ceviche for matt and casey and victoria for a late breakfast and later on im going to meet with josh about his visual effects needs for his creepy dollhouse feature.  just drybrushed some wallaby skulls and now im going to pour liquid nails on them to gore them up.   how relaxing!

27 August 2022

 to do: 

figure out how to get fabric attached to ceiling 

make trees - cut from cardboard, cut wood to size, figure out how to stand up, figure out how many needed

finish gargoyle - final mache layer, sculpt hands, paint, install eye gels. 

finish skinlamp - hanging mechanism.  ear details. 

make more skulls

finish teddy bear 

order LED kit 

dungeon walls - size up and paint cardboard and hang

dark room drawing board

spiderweb tunnel logistics 

finish bones 

big spiderweb hang 

research adelaide

what im doing instead: 

eating chocolate watching twin peaks.

25 August 2022