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02 April 2023

14 December 2022



26 November 2022


22 September 2022

 its a chillout day!   

so I'm rendering the third version of tomtom's logo animation in blender.  and i made another papier mache skull while doing laundry.  i finished watercoloring a figure sketch i drunkenly sketched last night and i scanned it into the computer machine.  i made ceviche for matt and casey and victoria for a late breakfast and later on im going to meet with josh about his visual effects needs for his creepy dollhouse feature.  just drybrushed some wallaby skulls and now im going to pour liquid nails on them to gore them up.   how relaxing!

27 August 2022

 to do: 

figure out how to get fabric attached to ceiling 

make trees - cut from cardboard, cut wood to size, figure out how to stand up, figure out how many needed

finish gargoyle - final mache layer, sculpt hands, paint, install eye gels. 

finish skinlamp - hanging mechanism.  ear details. 

make more skulls

finish teddy bear 

order LED kit 

dungeon walls - size up and paint cardboard and hang

dark room drawing board

spiderweb tunnel logistics 

finish bones 

big spiderweb hang 

research adelaide

what im doing instead: 

eating chocolate watching twin peaks.

25 August 2022


17 August 2022


08 August 2022

 yesterday i made a corpse face and stuck it on my skinlamp.  just another sunday, really. 



today i sewed the first two skin panels together.  tonight ill install the final skin panel and make another skull.  i used watercolor paint so the light from the lamp will shine through and we get some subsurface scattering action.

instead of sleeping last night, i got the idea for a gargoyle.  paper mache all the way.  and i know where the spiderweb is gonna go.

i had my first Q&A with cg spectrum students.

i learned about chai karak an hour ago and for some reason im compelled to make it immediately. 

04 August 2022


 yesterday i bought a bunch of supplies, expanding foam, chains, heat gun,  etc

i made a couple spiders out of twist-ties.  there is a danger of spending too much time on little things like that.  while i avoid the big stuff because it'll be hard.  

we went to the pub for dinner and it was a good idea.

got the idea for and started on the skinlamp. i'm excited about the skinlamp. 

the plan for today is to test the gorilla glue to see how it reacts to cardboard,
paper mache party for skinlamp and new skull. 

watch some flapjack.  so far it's fine.  i'm not dazzled.

03 August 2022


01 August 2022

feels so naked


 today i picked up frames from the framer, 

i painted my sculpture of the local amphibian creature that the bot is modeled after, unbeknownst to him.  looks ass.  ill just keep putting coats of paint until it doesnt i guess.

i picked up a bunch of halloween packages from the post office.  some spooky tapestries, a bunch of black toole, and a rubber severed dick.

got decision paralysis all weekend and so i accomplished jack shit.  i did go for a run, though.

the animation project that i dont have a title for yet, should be my #1 prio.  i know what needs to be done.  i know how to do it.  just have to sit down and dig through this plateau.  whats next.  character modelling.

27 July 2022


 series of experiments

time stop bubble  (ffwd button.  bubble inhabitant turns to dust)

fly machine


vacuum cleaner


this thing has been inside my brain for 22years.  all the storytelling and character aspects of it seem to be so surface-level when i think about them.  but then why has it stuck with me for so long? if i complete it, then maybe itll make room for something else hahaha  heh.... heh 

26 July 2022

 sculpting in CG is super hard.  i like modelling enough.  shading and lighting are ok.  sculpting is going to be painful to get the hang of.  funny because i like real life sculpting so much.  i was in a sculpting or sculpting-related class in every semester of high school, which was not allowed for most students but they made an exception for me.   i am in the middle of sculpting like a dozen things right now.  two out of clay for 'the big project' and the others out of papier mache for halloween.  i watched YETI: giant of the 20th century last night and drank beers instead of ticking boxes.

25 July 2022

nonzero day4

pulled a skull off the mold

did some color blocking mockups for mom

made dynamite sushi rice sith scallops and prawns

went to Television Event with Sal and Ed and Scotty.  hell of a thing.

The Black Phone, The Manchurian Candidate, Last Kiss Before Midnight, Alienator

watched the entirety of The Last Dance until way too late on sunday night

it was very cold. our house is very cold.  we are cat-sitting and she is warming up to us little by little.

20 July 2022

nonzero day 2

today i bought 18 meters of black fabric for covering and creating haunted house walls,

i bought 5 meters of black lacy fabric for putting over lights and general decor,

i added some more paper mache to two skulls, i got two of the bluetooth LED strips working and hauled home a gigantic box of cardboard.  

also did some walking around and thinking about layout downstairs. solid brainstorming sesh.

the iridescent disintegration tomtom test render finished while i slept.

yesterday i picked up 3 packages from the post office and i made amazing empenadas for dinner and started a new paper mache skull and paper mached two corpse hands while watching Alienator with jan michael vincent.