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02 March 2018

stayed home with a headache.  so i watched movies.

Adam and Paul - I like it when movies bounce between funny and sad.  When a character you hate makes you laugh, I like that shit.

Magical Girl - On the edge of my seat (I was actually lying in bed moaning) the whole movie.  So many turns and developments and mysteries.  Like JJ Abrams' mystery box but not pointless.  Best flick Ive seen in a while.

History of Violence - I feel a Cronenberg rabbit hole approaching.  There are lots I havent seen including his latest two, and I dig his movies. They all feel like they take place in an alternate dimension for some reason. The camera work is part of it.  Viggo is never un-amazing.

Magic - Anthony Hopkins and a ventriloquist dummy. Whats not to love.  Turned out to be a  surprisingly solid slasher with a couple of genuinely creepy scare moments.

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