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07 March 2018

Another killer weekend!

The Dance of Reality - I cant possibly admire or respect Jodorowsky any more but....  Maybe he'll make another great movie some day.  This one was not for me. 

The Devils - Movies this cinematic are rare.  I can see why people call it a masterpiece.  Some epically fucked up shit happening in this movie and it was all wonderful.  The hunchback nun was spooky as fuck and Oliver Reed is perfectly perfectly cast.  Cant think of more perfect example of casting. Maybe Ron Perlman as Hellboy is on the same level.   Badass movie.  #2 of the weekend.

Silent Running -  not good. not engaging.  Kermode is into it for the nostalgia.  A real slog to get through and I kept asking WTF is his plan? Has he no end game here? Comparing this to 2001 is just silly.  I liked the robots tho.

The Falling - turned it off. Bad music, bad acting.  Another YMS recommend down the shitter. 

The Strange Color of Your Body's Tears - This was great! I had no idea what the fuck was going on the whole time but I didnt really mind because it was so strange and unsettling and frenetic. 

Mulholland Drive - Ok, I hadnt seen it in over 10 years, maybe 15. And its absolutely fucking incredible.  The highlight of my 10 movie weekend.  Scary and sexy and totally draws you in to its bizarre universe. I was absolutely glued to the screen.  I want to watch it again already.

Cosmopolis - Any time youve got characters philosophizing out loud like this, I'm out.  Same reason I cant fucking stand most of Linklater's movies.  I like the vampire guy, its kind of a neat concept and I liked the ending but overall not engaging enough to win me over.

Crimson Peak - Beautiful.  Everything but the visuals is pretty by-the-numbers though.  A couple of creepy non-jumpscare moments, which were great, but at the end it just turns into an action flick boss fight.  Also, I'm surprised no one mentioned this  movie when The Last Jedi came out.  They totally stole the bloody snow from Crimson Peak.

Profondo Rosso -  Lots to like about it but I'm glad I was able to fast forward.  Lots and lots of slowly walking around dark buildings searching for shit.  Charming blood effects that were sometimes genuinely creepy, and I'm glad I watched it, but it was pretty hard work.

Una Mujer Fanastica - I liked it. A little disappointed that I didnt like it more.  It felt pretty ham fisted in parts.  The overall story was very well done and excellently performed, and I liked the music a  lot, I guess I was just expecting more.

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