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22 February 2018


Brothers of the Head - somewhat enjoyable mockumentary. kinda slow. hard to pay attention to.  the music was simple and grating and i kinda liked it.

Sicario - The photography was my favorite part of this.  I liked it a lot but its my least favorite Villenuve movie and I really only watched it because of him.  Part two with a different director sounds like a terrible idea to me.   Villenuve ranking : Blade Runner, Enemy, Arrival, Incendies, Prisoners, Sicario.

The Red Turtle - A nice animated movie. It was nice.  For my tastes, I like the limits to be pushed and expectations to be twisted, but this was so straightforward and nice.  I feel like it was a bit of an opportunity lost but really it was fine.  Very pretty.

Love and Friendship - I like this shit.  It was kinda hard to follow in the beginning because I am a pea brain but I had my translator with me and once I figured out who was who this movie was a real hoot. I'll have to seek out more Jane Austen period bullshit like this because its just fuckin fun.

Frank - I really liked this.  The main character just fucks everything up and leaves. Although Victoria pointed out that without Gleeson, Frank may have never come out and stood on his own. I spose she's right.  Outsider artists have always been my jam and I read afterwards that Daniel Johnston was an inspiration for Fassbender which is tits.  The music is actually good and its the first time a movie has jerked my tears since, i think, Tangerine.  I want to watch it again.

Paterson (second viewing) - I love it more now. Such a wonderful depiction of the compulsion for creativity in supposedly non-creative people.  And the realistic yet unique couple dynamic.  A damn fine film.

Berserk - Joan Crawford is hurricane of ballsy bitchiness. A great exploitation flick, way better and more engaging than expected.  The most gripping tightrope walking scene in cinematic history!

The Congress - I turned it off.  Couldnt take the terrible terrible writing and awful child acting and home-made feeling. Couldnt take it.  It have me the heebies.   YMS took a bit of a hit there. How the fuck was this dogshit on his best of list?

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