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03 September 2019

the long goodbye - neat to see a movie that influenced so many others.  i had not realized how influential this movie was until i was watching it. bored to death, big lebowski, under the silver lake, inherent vice... heaps of others.   enjoyable spin on hard boiled detective story.

the killing - fuckin edge of your seat the whole time.  i have no idea how i had not seen this yet.  a thriller in every sense of the word with distinct fascinating characters.  its like oceans 11 but not boring.

bad day at black rock - i dont remember much.  pretty standard stuff.  amazing location, mountains desert etc.   i had been drinking all day at this point so... gets blurry.

ghoulies IV - not a great chapter in the ghoulies saga.  ghoulies deserved better.  some enjoyable bad parts and the bad guy lady is entertaining to watch, but  there were no ghoulies in this film!   damn shame.

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