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10 January 2018

the shape of water was great.  i was totally on board with humanlady/fishman love story.  guillermo is a visionary and I pretty much always love michael shannon.  the only negative thing i have to say is the black and white part was a little over the top and not quite gonzo creative as i think it could have been.  but thats very minor. 

odd thomas was ok.  i hated the tone of the movie.  the voiceover and the banter and the way characters talked was very off putting to me. victoria seemed to enjoy it more than me, and it won me over a little by the end but not enough to say i liked the movie.  if youre willing to forgive goofy dialogue and suspend disbelief a lot, the premise is fun and the pacing is engaging.

columbus was very good.  the characters were believable and sympathetic.  the story was sweet, the setting totally unique and interesting, there was nothing really wrong with the movie.  (besides the way the lead actress smoked cigarettes she really looked like a non-smoker and it was distracting to me.  which is kind of a dumb criticism but whatever. i noticed it.

watching movies is how i am spending my free time mostly so it goes here.  i want to start making things again but it doesnt seem to be happening yet.  im using my broken computer as one of many excuses.

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