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12 January 2018

stranger than paradise was weird.  i liked it.  but its hard to explain why.   i think because i hated it in the beginning but by the end it won me over.  which makes me like it more than if i had just kinda liked it the same all the way through.  theyre not really actors, and there's no real art direction or style to the movie, but its still crafted in a way that the non-style is the style.   i could say the same about john waters i guess.  this movie was like a john waters movie if john waters was sane and poetic. 

the belko experiment was goofy and enjoyable.  its a dumb movie that makes you think, which....  is cool i guess.  reminded me of circle but it wasnt as good as circle.   acting was fine, no noticeable filmmaking direction, the main reason to watch it is for the first 75% when youre thinking about what youd do in the same situation.  i hope they make 4 more.

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