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19 March 2018

Kings of Summer - Funny but I can see what they were going for and it fell pretty short overall for me. Maybe my teenage years are too far behind me to appreciate it. 
Ratcatcher - Realized I had seen it many years ago.  It was on the Bravo channel when it first started and was an arthouse channel.  Before the reality TV revolution
BUG - Ho lee shit. I was crawling up the walls by the end.  Magnificent movie.  The most horrified I have been by a movie in years. Amazing.
Killer Joe - Very very good. Great actually.  Totally gripped from the get go. I'd love to see the play.  Kermode scores another recommend point.
The Love Witch - It was ok.  Fun.  Some very spot on commentary on gender, I wish it was a little more overt with that part and I wish it had a little more fun with its genre. It was too slow for what it was.  Enjoyable and strange. 
Source Code - Watched it twice in a row. Cool concept, mind bending plot, very good performance by Jake Gillianhalser.  I understand Killer Joe going unnoticed since the premise is so fucking dark and morbid, but I dont know why this wasnt more popular. Still havent seen Mute.
Annihilation - Fan-fucking-tastic.  Garland is the man.  I will now go see anything he does.  I wish the CG was better but that is a minor criticism.  This is sci-fi done right. Awesome music, the ending is built up so much and the payoff fits the setup just perfectly.

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