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01 December 2017

pooh is in the moment.  simple but not stupid. his simplicity gives him wisdom and perspective. 

the uncarved block:  simplicity, unspoiled,  child-like potential. the unaltered spark within all conscious beings. pooh is pure openness.

owl's idea of wisdom is to collect facts. more facts more wisdom.  details.  makes sure to spell the name of the liferaft correctly before getting in.

to rabbit, being clever is the most important thing, so he'll rush to be first and make sure to be the one who has the right answer.

eeyore is superiority through cynical judgement.  winning by not playing the game and calling the game and those who play it stupid. 

tigger is hubris. not understanding ones limits.

piglet is selflessness to a fault. overly agreeable and neurotic.. 

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